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prof. PhDr. Eugen Andreanský, PhD.

Eugen Andreanský is a Professor at the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice. His primary scientific research interests are in philosophy of science, analytic philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophical logic and philosophy of language. He is the author of several monographs. Some of the most important publications are: Chapters on the Contemporary Philosophy of Science and Possible Worlds from the Perspective of Logical Semantics and Analytic Philosophy.


Participation in project schemes:

Projects of international grant agencies:


1999–2000 – Project Novicius  – Educational Foundation of Jan Hus – researcher

2012–2014 – Expert – Research and Education at UPJŠ – Direction to Excellent European Universities – researcher

2012–2015 – IRES  – Innovation for Knowledge Society, č.26110230075 – researcher

Projects of domestic grant agencies:


VEGA A1/1440/97 – Concept of Crisis – Genealogy, Distribution, Reflexion – researcher

VEGA 1/1442/97 – Evangelical College in Prešov in the Contexts of European Intellectual Development – researcher

VEGA 1/7327/20 – Science in Philosophical Reflection – researcher

VEGA 1/9237/02 – The difference of Theoretical and Practical: How to Think Practice – How to Act by Thinking – researcher

VEGA 1/0451/03 – Status of Science and Philosophy in Contemporary Culture – Axiological Reflection – researcher

VEGA 1/1306/04 – Philosophical Legacy of I. Kant and Present – researcher

VEGA 1/2499/05 – Socratica: Socratic Tradition of Thinking from Antiquity to Present – Representative of responsible researcher

VEGA 1/4691/07 – Philosophical Legacy of I. Kant and Present II. – researcher

VEGA 1/0379/08 – Self-knowledge and the Care of the Self in the Socratic Tradition of Thinking – Representative of responsible researcher

VEGA 1/0027/10 – The Philosophical Legacy of I. Kant and Present III. – researcher

VEGA 1/0261/12 – The Philosophical Legacy of I. Kant and Present IV. Philosophia et res publica – researcher

VEGA 1/0890/12 – Philosophical Research of the Nature of  Language – responsible researcer

APVV-0480-11– Patočka´s A subjective Phenomenology and the History of Philosophy – researcher

APVV-14-070 – Heidegger, Metaphysics, and the History of Philosophy  – researcher

VEGA 1/0963/16 – Weak Thought and Postmetaphysical Philosophy – researcher

KEGA 004UPJŠ-4/2018 – G. W. Leibniz – The Philosophy of the Early and Middle Period – researcher


APVV-17-0529 – Postmetaphysical Thinking in the Context of Current Socio-political Problems – researcher


Membership in significant (scientific) organizations:

Central European Leibnizian society at the Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts UPJŠ


Subjects Currently Taught:

Logic, Logic and Methodology of Science, Methodology of Science, Philosophical Logic, Contemporary Philosophy 2 (Analytic Philosophy)

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