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PhDr. Katarína Mayerová, PhD.

 Katarína Mayerová is an Assistant Professor at the Department of philosophy and history of philosophy of Faculty of Arts at University of pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice. Her pedagogical activities are focused on teaching the history of philosophy, social philosophy and axiology.

She focuses on the philosophical legacy of Rorty and Heidegger’s philosophy in scientific research and publishing. She is the author of monographs: Rorty, Heidegger and metaphysics; Truth and Religion.


Participation in project schemes:

Projects of international grant agencies:


IRES – č. 26110230075 (2012/2015) Innovation for Knowledge Society– researcher

Projects of domestic grant agencies:


APVV-0480-11 – Patočka´s Asubjective Phenomenology and  the History of Philosophy – researcher

VEGA 1/0890/12 – Intentionality and Interpretation. Philosophical Research of the Nature of Language – researcher

VEGA 1/0678/12 – The History of Philosophy as a Philosophical Issue (Heidegger, Patočka, Gadamer and Rorty)

APVV-14-0706 – Heidegger, Metaphysics, and the History of Philosophy – researcher

VEGA 1/0963/16 – Weak Thought and Postmetaphysical Philosophy – responsible researcher


APVV-17-0529 – Postmetaphysical Thinking in the Context of Current Socio-political Problems – responsible researcher


Membership in significant (scientific) organizations:

Slovak Philosophical Association at the Slovak Academy of Science in Bratislava (2007/2010) – member

Member of the Academic Senate Faculty of Arts UPJŠ in Košice

Subjects Currently Taught:

Social philosophy, Philosophy of Mind I., Philosophy of Mind II., Axiology,

R. Rorty: Philosophical Orchids, Postmetaphysical thinking

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