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2minút, 42sekúnd
Language Training Centre LTC), Faculty of Arts, Moyzesova 9, Aristotle building (Aristoteles), Room 104
Academic year 2022/2023
PhD students of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine
English language instruction is carried out as a combination of distance learning course using MS teams/LMS Moodle (winter term), self-study – Angličtina v akademickom prostredí – cvičebnica (winter term) and classroom instruction (summer term).
In the first teaching week, PhD students will receive a code which will enable them to join the course in MS teams and LMS and other important information about the course. Students will be contacted by e-mail at their regular upjs student e-mail account (  
Winter term requirements for the course completion: 
In order to complete the course students are asked to 1. take (at least) one consultation (max. 30 minutes), 2. complete the e-course in LMS Moodle, 3. submit the CV and short academic bio in LMS Moodle. 
Here you can find the link to Angličtina v akademickom prostredí – cvičebnica e-book
 All information about the courses for PhD students is available in AIS (see Informačný list predmetu, Elektronická nástenka). 
Additional information:
► Doctoral students register for the English language course in AIS,
course schedule for doctoral students for each semester can be found in AIS,
exam dates for each examination period can be found in AIS. Students register for exams in AIS,
► written assignments should be sumbitted in accordance with the instructions given by course teachers. 
English language exam requirements (level of English language competence: B2)


Oral exam:
  1. Short presentation of the authentic text (chapter from a monograph, scientific journal paper(s), etc.). Doctoral students are expected to have the copy of the text with them on the date of the exam (a copy of min 50 page authentic text) and describe the structure and contents of the text, give definitions of key terminology, interpret and describe charts, tables, graphs, etc., discuss the relevance of the materials to their study/research, etc.
  2. Discussion/dialogue with the examiner about the following topics:
  • basic information about the student (education completed, study stays, projects, grants, etc.)
  • student´s workplace and its main focus/scope of work
  • student´s own scientific research
  • cooperation with other institutions and organisations
  • publishing activity
  • conference organisation/participation
  • student´s PhD thesis (motivation, aims and objectives, methods, expected results, literature, etc.)
Written part:      
  1. Professional Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max)
  2. Short Academic/Professional Bio (250-450 words)
  3. Language test of academic English
Armer T.: Cambridge English for Scientists, CUP 2011 (Unit 1)
Downes, C.: Cambridge English for Job-hunting. CUP 2008 (Unit 1, 2)
Kolaříková, Z., Petruňová, H., Timková, R.: Angličtina v akademickom prostredí (cvičebnica). UPJŠ Košice 2015 (Unit 1, 3, 5)
Štepánek L., J. de Haaff a kol.: Academic English. Akademická angličtina. Grada Publishing 2011 (Unit 7.4)
McCarthy, M., O´Dell, F.: Academic Vocabulary in Use. CUP 2008
Blašková, K.: Handbook of English for Postgraduate Students. Vyd. SPRINT Bratislava 2007
Dušková, L., Rejtharová, V., Bubeníková, L.: Hovorová angličtina pre vedeckých a odborných pracovníkov. Veda Bratislava 1982                                                                                                                                           
Jordan, R.: Academic Writing Course. Longman 1999


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