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2minút, 59sekúnd

2022 – 2023

Language Training Centre
Slovak as a Foreign Language Section:
Faculty of Arts
Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice
Moyzesova 9, Košice



  1. Students are required to attend Slovak language classes according to the schedule. Active participation is required.
  2. Students are not allowed to have more than four absences during the semester for classes that meet two times a week (56 lessons – Slovak Language 1, 2), two absences for classes which meet once a week (28 lessons – Slovak language 3,4; Slovak Language Communication Skills for Medical Practice 1,2; Communication Skills for Dental Practice 1; Slovak Language Communication Skills for Dental Practice 2; Slovak in Medicine; Reading Medical Texts in Slovak) and one absence for classes which meet once every second week (14 lessons – Practical Slovak Grammar; Medical Communication in Slovak).
  3. Students are expected to be on time to class.  In case of late arrivals which happen more than 3 times, students are given an absence.
  4. Students are required to have a textbook/study material in printed form and an exercise book.
  5. Students who use electronic devices for activities unrelated to the class being taught will be marked absent. 
  6. Students are required to use cameras and microphones during the online lessons in case of distance learning. In order to effectively learn and participate in an online environment, students are required to join lesson in an environment which allows students to use cameras and microphones with no limitations and distractions. 
  7. Attendance is recorded by teachers in an attendance register for each session.
  8. Students can compensate the missed lessons only during the same weeks when the missed material is being taught. Students have to inform their teachers and ask for permission to compensate lessons. Students can compensate the lessons only with their teachers. 



 Slovak Language 1: Studens have 2 continuous oral assessments – week 7 and week 13 during the semseter. 

Slovak Language 3: Students have 1 continuous oral assessment – weeks 12 and 13. 


The result of each assessment must be at least 60%. Students are given an opportunity to retake the assessment if their results are lower than 60% in the last week of the semester (week 14). The result of the retake must be at least 60%. In case that the minimum score of 60% is not achieved the student receives a grade FX. If a student did not meet the required minimum attendance criteria, the student is graded X – not rated. 

Slovak Language 1: Final assessment is based on the results of 2 continuous assessments. 

Slovak Language 3: Final assessment is based on the result of 1 continuous assessment. 

Grading scale: A 100-93%, B 92-85%, C 84-77%, D 76-69%, E 68-60%, FX 59% and less. 



There is one continuous oral assessment (Slovak Language 2 – week 7/8, Slovak Language 4 – weeks 7 and 8. The result of the continuous oral assessment must be at least 60%. Students are given an opportunity to retake  the continuous oral assessment in the last week of the semester (week 14). In the event of failure to attain the limit, the examination procedure is not permitted, and the student is graded X – not rated. The result of the final oral exammust be at least 60%. 

The final mark = the final oral exam + the continuous oral assessment = 100% (the final oral exam = 60% of the final mark, to continuous oral assessment = 40% of the final mark). 

Grading scale: A 100-93%, B 92-85%, C 84-77%, D 76-69%, E 68-60%, FX 59% and less. 

Any form of cheating is considered to be a matter with serious consequences. Students caught cheating will receive a failing grade.

Note: The study form: in person/distance/combined in accordance with epidemiological situation and the Rector's Ordinances.

                                                                                                                    Valid from 19th September 2022




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