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Workshop on curriculum innovations

Multiplier event 1 in Brno

The first BCIME multiplier event was organized in the form of an international workshop aligned with the MEFANET 2019 conference as its parallel event. MEFANET annual conference has been organized since 2007 and now it is established as the main meeting for all medical and health care faculties involved in the network. The conference was held in Brno (Czech Republic), where MU - one of the project partners is located. Approximately 100 delegates (medical teachers, medical students, IT stuff, faculty management members, etc.) were expected to participate in the MEFANET 2019 conference and 30 (25 local and 5 international participants) of them were expected to take part in the BCIME workshop. The workshop was oriented to a community interested in curriculum harmonization process provided by higher education institutions across the MEFANET network, especially teachers, tutors, curriculum designers, institutional management and anyone, who might be engaged in innovation of education. 

Multiplier event 1 in Brno

The workshop offered overview of innovative curriculum mapping and harmonization processes and considerations of how curriculum innovations can enhance the comprehensibility of medical curriculum and streamline efficiency during its definition. Participants acquired information about the needs analysis of five independent medical faculties regarding the curriculum management systems. Guidelines and the best practices including methodological background how to address the challenge of curriculum innovations based upon the experiences of the contributing organizations were presented too. Inspired by the results of BCIME implementation team the participants were able to find motivation for curriculum optimisation.

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