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Student Scientific Activities – SSA

1minút, 3sekúnd

Educating students to prepare them for scientific work is one of the priority tasks also expressed in the Long-Term Plan of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (UPJŠ) Faculty of Medicine (FM). At UPJŠ FM there are suitable conditions to fulfil this goal. There is a long and rich tradition of faculty rounds of Student Scientific and Professional Activities (ŠVOČ). Usually, the thesis review is divided into two sections: clinical and pre-clinical. The winners of the faculty round participate in national and international competitions, where they achieve excellent results. In recent years, however, very few students have participated in the faculty exhibition of competitive works, which is probably related to the limitation of contact teaching during the pandemic.  

The management of the faculty supports the scientific research activities of its students also through the Grant system and by supporting students assisting in research. The best students of UPJŠ FM are motivated by awards such as the Annual Rector’s Award and the Annual Dean’s Award for the best final thesis and motivational scholarship, which are awarded not only for excellent study results throughout the course of study, but also for student publication activities, representing UPJŠ FM not only at international scientific/professional conferences, but also in sports and culture. 

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