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Students’ Country of Origin

2minút, 24sekúnd

Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ offers students the tradition and quality, knowledgeable teachers and advanced teaching, including the possibility of participation in research projects during their studies. Teaching at our faculty represents a unique connection between theory and practice- the large part of learning is implemented in partner’s medical institutions. Study reflects current knowledge of medical science and it is implemented in modern educational buildings. Our laboratories have quality instrumentation that students used not only for education, but also for students’ scientific and professional activities.

Diploma of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ is recognized in all EU countries and the vast majority of federal states of the U.S.A. This fact, along with a quality of education is increasingly attracting the attention of young people from abroad. They have the opportunity to study “General Medicine” and “Dentistry” at Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ since 1992 and about approximately 50 percent of students from abroad, who come from about fifty countries, are currently studying at our Faculty. Countries of origin our former and current students are:

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