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The 4th year of the Race for the Dean´s Cup in skiing and snowboarding

    The Race for the Dean´s Cup was organized by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ prof. Daniel Pella, M.D, PhD. for the students, employees and friends of the FM UPJŠ. Among the participants were also foreign students. The event took place at the Ski Center Levoča - Levočská Dolina on Saturday, January 19, 2019.
    Almost sixty competitors competed in skiing and snowboarding in the four categories: MEN / WOMEN (students and employees), FRIENDS of the FM and SNOWBOARDISTS . There was sunny but chilly weather (the thermometer showed -15 degrees Celsius) but they didn’t mind. The sport day was successful and the social evening was also very enjoyable for the teachers and students.
    "I am very pleased that this sport event has a strong social dimension and I am glad that many of our students are not only great skiers, but they also know how to entertain themselves very well and sophisticatedly," said Dean Daniel Pella.


        1.    Samuel Brunc
        2.    Mateusz Lewinski
        3.    Dominik Pella

        1.    Jana Čobejová
        2.    Zuzana Pavlová
        3.    Sára Lisá

               Friends FM UPJŠ:
        1.    Lukáš Plachý
        2.    Lenka Syč-Kriváňová
        3.    Pavol Pella

        1.    Jakub Mihaľov
        2.    Monika Kvaková
        3.    Jaroslav Bujňák

Last update: 30.01.2019