Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine


Preliminary information on the course of the summer semester of the AY 2021/22

    The Faculty Board of the UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine is aware of the specific position of the faculty in the education of future doctors, especially in this complicated period of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are aware that without practical training it is not possible to obtain a full-featured medical education, therefore UPJŠ MF will make every effort to maintain the full-time form of study, as the epidemiological situation allows.

    In view of the above, the teaching in the summer semester of AR 2021/22 will continue according to the plan in the current regime, i.e. in full-time form (with the exception of online lectures). At the same time, the Faculty of Medicine is ready to respond to the needs of the Slovak healthcare system and clearly support the participation of our students in helping to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in our healthcare facilities. Our students have always been an example in this regard, for which they deserve recognition and acknowledgment.

    We will keep the current information, more detailed instructions ad any changes available on the faculty website and on our facebook profile.

Last update: 25.01.2022