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Prof. Viliam Donič presented a unique method of lung ventilation at Expo Dubai 2020

    During the world exhibition Expo Dubai 2020, in January and February 2022, the head of the Institute of Medical Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ, prof. Viliam Donic, MD, PhD, presented a unique multi-level lung ventilation system in the Slovak National Pavilion. This ventiation system has variable pressure, time, volume and flow. This method is particularly suitable for ventilating patients with uneven air distribution in the lungs, which we also encounter in patients with Covid-19 viral pneumonia.
    Using the covid lung model and a simulator for training of advanced methods of artificial lung ventilation, developed in the IPMVDC project at the UPJŠ Medical Faculty in Košice, all interested visitors in the Slovak Pavilion were able to see the advantages of the 4LV ventilation method compared to all previously used methods. For this purpose, an Aura V lung servo-ventilator from the Slovak manufacturer Chirana Medical a.s., Stará Turá, was connected to the simulator. The Aura V is the only lung ventilator in the world, that allows this method to be applied in practice. The author of the idea of this original ventilation method is the deputy head of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care for pedagogical activity, Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ and VÚSCH, a.s. Assoc. prof. MUDr. Pavol Török, PhD.
    On the Slovak National Day on January 27, 2022, the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Richard Sulík, visited the Slovak and Pavillion and the World Exhibition in Dubai. Our unique ventilation device, which has presented at Expo2020, will remain fully functional on display at Expo2020 in the Slovak National Pavilion until the end of the exhibition, i.e. until March 31, 2022.
    The head of the Institute of Medical Physiology, also head of the Laboratory for Research of Advanced Methods of Artificial Lung Ventilation at the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ prof. Viliam Donic, MD, PhD. stated: "The exhibited system not only perfectly demonstrates the advantages of the Aura V lung ventilator, but also incorporates a quality simulator for training of advanced methods of artificial lung ventilation, thanks to which it is possible to learn different methods of lung ventilation faster."

Last update: 02.03.2022