Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine


Department of Dermatovenerology

Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice Slovenská verzia

The Department of Dermatovenerology currently employs 8 UPJŠ FM specialists. Teaching takes place here of the subject of Dermatovenerology in doctoral, Bachelor's, and Magister's study programmes at UPJŠ FM, as well as the postgraduate study of dermatovenerologists prior to their studying for specialized attestation in the branch of Dermatovenerology.

The Department of Dermatovenerology provides comprehensive care (prevention, diagnostics, treatment, dispensarization of patients with skin and venereal diseases. It deals with biological treatment of severe forms of psoriasis, treatment of venous and lymphostatic disorders and their complications predominantly in the lower extremities. It is engaged in treating immunopathological conditions within the East Slovakia Region, it diagnoses autoimmune dermatoses with immunohistological examination of the skin. Patients with sexually transmitted diseases and diseases of the external genitalia are examined and treated at the Department, occupational skin diseases are examined and assessed, infections of the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes caused by filamentous fungi and yeast are diagnosed and treated, occupational skin diseases are examined and diagnosed. Allergic dermatoses are diagnosed, drug allergy and food allergy, allergy to insect allergens is diagnosed and specified for the entire East Slovak Region; diagnostics and surgical solutions are performed of non-cancerous skin formations, benign skin tumors, malignant skin cancers, moles, and subcutaneous formations. The Department provides consultancy services for the East Slovak Region for severe non-differentiated dermatoses in pediatric patients, their diagnostics and treatment are provided. Complicated dermatoses and venereal diseases of the entire East Slovak Region are addressed as to diagnostics and therapy through consultation services.

Last update: 11.10.2013