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Diploma theses

0minút, 36sekúnd

Bachelor´s theses in academic year 2016/17

Use of SM-system in patients with vertebrogenic diseases
Physiotherapy treatment in patients with facial nerve palsy
Use of kinesiotaping in physiotherapy
Cooperation of physiotherapist with sport trainer
Pain in shoulder joint in volleyball players
Complex physiotherapy of flat foot
Tinitus in relation with cervical spine
Rehabilitation plan and process after cardiosurgical interventions
Use of different kinds of autotherapy in patients with vertebrogenic syndromes in cervical spine
The possibility of physiotherapy treatment of lymphedema
The quality of life after operations of hip
The physiotherapy in patients with vascular disorders of the lower extremities
Use of physiotherapy treatment after childbirth
Utilisation of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization in physiotherapy
Utilisation of physiotherapy as prevention of injuries at runners

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