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Doctoralll study – III. Degree of study (PhD.)

0minút, 45sekúnd

Field of study: General medicine
Study program: Anatomy, histology and embryology

Recommended study plan

Subject type* Subject name Credits Ending
C English language 10 exam
C Reasearch methodology and statistics 10 exam
C Anatomy 10 exam
C Histology and embryology 10 exam
CO Medical biology 5 exam
CO Medical physiology 5 exam
CO Pathological anatomy – selected chapters 5 exam
CO Pathological physiology 5 exam
E Cell physiology and patophysiology 5 exam
E Immunology 5 exam
E Processing and interpretation of measured data in clinical practice 5 exam
E Scientific communication and research project management 5 exam
E Other elective courses are all elective courses offered in doctoral study programs at UPJŠ in Košice 5 exam

* C – compulsory, CO – compulsory optional, E – elective

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