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3minút, 4sekúnd

Current projects

Názov úlohy: KEGA 003UPJŠ-4/2023, Innovation of the teaching process in medical and non-medical study programs using medical simulation tools and virtual reality.
Doba riešenia: 2023–2025

Project: Visegrad Grant project no. 22230004, V4 Network of Medical Simulation Centres: Building Good Practices.
Duration: 2023–2024

Project: KEGA 040UK-4/2022, Content innovation and digitisation of the compulsory subject Medical Biophysics and related compulsory optional subjects.
Duration: 2022–2024

Completed projects

Project: ERASMUS+, 2020-1-CZ01-KA226-HE-094424, New Era in Medical Education (NEWMED). 
Duration: 2021–2023

Project: Development project of public universities 002UPJŠ-2-1/2021, Support for building practical skills of students of medical and health study fields using simulation tools.
Duration: 2021–2022

Project: KEGA 011UPJŠ-4/2019, Increasing of competences and critical thinking level in students of medical study programs using simulation tools of Problem-Based Learning and Evidence-Based Medicine.
Duration: 2019–2021

Project: ERASMUS+, 2018-1-RO01-KA203-049412, Case-based learning and virtual cases to foster critical thinking skills of students (Clever). 
Duration: 2018–2021

Project: ERASMUS+, 2018-1-SK01-KA203-046318, Building Curriculum Infrastructure in Medical Education (BCIME). 
Duration: 2018–2021

Project: ERASMUS+, 585980-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, Training for Medical Education via Innovative eTechnology (MediTec).
Duration: 2017–2021* (*extended)

Project: Standard Grant No. 21830315 from the International Visegrad Fund’s “Exhibition and Special Discussion Section on Information and Digital Technologies” (Centre at University of Zilina).
Duration: 2019–2020

Project: vvgs-2018-910​, Multimedia Support of the Teaching Process of Subject Informatics in Bachelor Study Programmes at Faculty of Medicine at UPJŠ in Košice. 
Duration: 2018–2019

Project: KEGA 017UPJŠ-4/2016, Visualization of education in human anatomy using video records of dissections and multimedia teaching materials.
Duration: 2016–2018

Project: ERASMUS+, 561857-EPP-1-2015-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, Modernizing Health Education in Universities (ModeHEd).
Duration: 2015–2018

Project: ERASMUS+, 2014-1-CZ01-KA203-002002, Clinical reasoning skills enhancements with the use of simulations and algorithms (CROESUS).
Duration: 2014–2016

Project: KEGA 020UK-4/2014, Innovation of content, forms and methods of practical lessons from biophysics and medical physics for study of medicine and biomedical physics.
Duration: 2014–2016

Project: Standard Grant No. 21320401 from the International Visegrad Fund’s “International Workshop on Biomedical Technologies”.
Duration: 2013–2014

Project: KEGA 005UPJŠ-4/2012, Education of clinical disciplines in pre and post- graduate study forms oriented on increasing of newest infectious diseases knowledge using telemedicine tools.
Duration: 2012–2014

Project: KEGA 009UPJŠ-4/2012, Utilisation and enhancement of the images in multifunctional biomedical laboratory by using innovative systems.
Duration: 2012–2014

Project: ITMS 26220120058, A centre of excellence for researching factors affecting health, with a focus on groups of marginalised and immunocompromised persons.
Duration: 2010–2014

Project: ITMS 26220120067, Centre of excellence for electromagnetic fields in medicine CEEPM.
Duration: 2010–2014

Project: ITMS 26220120066, Centre of excellence for biomedical technologies (CEBT).
Duration: 2010–2014

Project: KEGA 004UK-4/2011, Electromagnetic biosignals a electromagnetic radiation – electronic education of medical biophysics (creation of e-learning courses).
Duration: 2011–2013

Project: ITMS 26250120040, Innovation and extension of ICT in education process and building-up of polyfunctional building of lecture rooms at UPJS in Kosice.
Duration: 2010–2012

Project: KEGA 260-002UPJŠ-4/2010, Multimedia technologies in the education of health and nutrition status of population studies for university students using free software applications.
Duration: 2010–2011

Project: ITMS 26250120028, Creation of OPEN DOOR University using modern ICT and reconstruction of Faculty of arts building in the UPJS campus.
Duration: 2009–2011

Project: KEGA 3/7134/09, Development of creative education in multifunction biomedical laboratory for clinical disciplines.
Duration: 2009–2011

Project: ITMS 26250120003, Modernization of ICT at UPJS in Kosice and reconstruction of University library, lecture rooms, and classrooms.
Duration: 2009–2010

Project: KEGA 3/6329/08, Laboratory of virtual hospital based on hospital information systems.
Duration: 2008–2010

Project: VEGA 1/0823/08, Diagnostics of Vertigo Using Motion Videoanalysis Methods.
Duration: 2008–2010

Project: KEGA 3/5153/07, Creation of educational hypertext tools for utilization of new telemedicine technologies for all forms of education at medical faculties.
Duration: 2007–2009

Project: Development project 2007, VoIP – IP telephony at UPJS 4. phase.
Duration: 2007

Project: Development project 2006, Development of basic information infrastructure at UPJS.
Duration: 2007

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