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The Department of Internal Medicine has been a clinical workplace for teaching students of UPJŠ FM in the field of internal medicine since 2013.

3 internal ambulances are part of the built new emergency central reception.

As part of the athlete care program, the cardiology clinic performs a preventive cardiology examination of athletes with an assessment of the risk of sudden cardiac death. Since 2016, AGEL Hospital has been the only FIFA Medical Center of Excellence in Slovakia.

The Osteocentrum is a regional workplace focused on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of metabolic bone diseases, especially osteoporosis. It is a consulting workplace for other osteological clinics in the region. Osteocentrum is one of the 5 indication centers for osteoanabolic treatment of severe osteoporosis (Košice-Šaca, Banská Bystrica, Piešťany, Ľubochňa, Bratislava).
Also, as part of the athlete care program, BODY COMPOSITION (bones, muscles, fat) is performed on athletes.
The Osteocentrum regularly co-organizes the national professional event Osteofórum every two years.

The Rheumatology clinic is a regional rheumatology clinic for the Košice region. Its aim is to maintain an indication center for osteoanabolic treatment of osteoporosis for the Košice and Prešov regions.

The strategy of the Angiological Outpatient Clinic is to focus on the diagnosis of arterial diseases in patients with ischemic disease of the lower limbs and on the diagnosis of patients with diabetic foot syndrome. The effort is to introduce methods of treatment of venous insufficiency, sclerotherapy, endovenous thermoablation methods.

Within the framework of complete care for patients with GIT diseases, diagnosis, preventive care, treatment and dispensary, Hepatology is dedicated to the introduction of a new examination method – transient elastography.

The aim of the Department Internal Medicine is to increase the quality of student teaching, introduce innovative methods of education, use the Center for Simulator and Virtual Medicine UPJŠ FM and use cooperation with scientific centers, AGEL hospitals in the Czech Republic and international cooperation. At the same time, create personnel and material-technical conditions for the creation of a new immunoallergological and nephrological outpatient clinic and expand examination methods and staffing in the
pneumological outpatient clinic.

Lecture and publication activity:

Clinic staff regularly participate in important professional events where they present their professional and scientific work.

They publish their professional and scientific outputs in prestigious domestic and foreign magazines.

The clinic plans to continue to develop the competences of the working skills of its employees and regularly participate in professional internships, scientific events and congresses.

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