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Phone Book

Department of Anatomy

Šrobárova 2, 041 80 Košice Slovenská verzia

The Department of Anatomy makes a significant contribution to teaching activities of the Faculty of Medicine. Improving the quality of teaching is supported by addressing several educational projects, which have won awards at both national and international specialist forums.

Research activity is mainly focused on the study of NO-dependent morphological structures in particular localities of the central nervous system under physiological conditions and after being affected by the vitamin A. The Department is also involved in the study of factors that cause multidrug resistance - MDR and the study of participation of MAO in the reproductive process of experimental animals.

Office hours

doc. MUDr. Ingrid Hodorová, PhD.
Head of the Department of Anatomy

Tuesday from 13:30 – 15:00 h

The appointment is to be arranged with secretary of the department.
Phone N° 055/234 3215



General Medicine

Dental Medicine

Donation of bodies

Donation of bodies for study and scientific research purposes. Strict observance of ethical principles guarantees anonymity of the donor and makes it easier for them to decide on making this ennobling act.

How to find the Institute of Anatomy:
- from the Kostlivého Street, or
- through a separate entrance from the Šrobárova street, or
- through the entrance of the UPJŠ Rectorate building.
On the ground floor, there are dissection rooms, training rooms, the osteological laboratory, laboratory for research
On the first floor, there is the Secretariat of the Department of Anatomy, Office of the Head Physician, teachers´ offices, research laboratories, a seminar and lecture room.

Location of the department

  • ground floor – dissecting rooms, osteology study room, cleaner´s room
  • first floor – room of the Head of the Institute, the secretary room, rooms for teaching staff, lecture rooms, laboratories


Last update: 25.05.2016