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    Student manual on how to proceed in case of suspected COVID-19 infection:

    First steps in case of suspected COVID -19 infection
    If you suspect COVID-19 infection and have symptoms such as cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever, we recommend that you do the following:
•    contact your general practitioner (GP) or the Regional Public Health Authority (RPHA) exclusively by telephone and inform them about your health condition ( click on: * Call center  of  RPH    * e-mail:    * more info )
•    Do not go directly to a GP's office or hospital due to the possible spread of the infection
•    Follow the telephone instructions of your GP

    How  to request  for an examination
    Click on:

    Who is subject to mandatory quarantine
    You are subject to mandatory home quarantine if:
● you have returned from the so-called "red" country with a high risk of infection
● you suspect COVID -19 infection
● you have confirmed asymptomatic or clinical COVID -19 infection
● you have been in contact with a positive person

    Your GP may also order to you the home quarantine if you have been tested for COVID-19 and you are awaiting results or if you show mild clinical symptoms of respiratory disease (such as fever, cough, and sore throat).

    Everyone with respiratory disease should stay in the home quarantine, although she/he does not know for sure that she/he has COVID-19 infection, unless she/he needs medical care.

    What does home quarantine mean?
● you are obliged to stay with priority at home or student dormitory, etc.
● You do not accept visits/ avoid contact with other people

    Monitor your health condition and contact your GP or the emergency services (telephone number  155  or 112)  if your health condition gets worse. ( * more info )

    * If you have been ordered into home quarantine, inform the  Department of Student Affairs or teaching department.

    Termination of quarantine
● In the case of a positive result on COVID-19, home quarantine shall be performed for at least 10 days after the detection of a positive result.
● If you have had clinical symptoms of the disease, you can terminate the quarantine no earlier than the 8th day after the symptoms have started and no earlier than the 4thday after the symptoms have disappeared.
● In case of a severe course of the disease or people with a severe immune disorder, the quarantine period may be extended
● The length of the quarantine will be decided by your doctor.

* A negative RT PCR test is not required to terminate the quarantine. The test remains positive in many individuals, but the virus no longer capable of human-to-human transmission after this time limit, so the person is not considered infectious.

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