Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine


Our students have been helping healthcare in connection with COVID-19 for a year

    The hundreds of students of the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ are currently standing "in the front line", not only Slovak but also international students, who help healthcare in their home countries.
     "We are proud of all our students who, in a given situation, help in the various ways in their cities and countries, as they are currently learning in the distance form from home. It is an opportunity for students to gain invaluable practical experience, but it is also a mentally demanding period for them, as they have online teaching during the day, and they work often physically quite demanding and with great mental strain at the covid departments in the afternoon, at night, or on weekends, where they also face up to sad fates and helplessness. We keep our fingers crossed for them all in this great school of life!" states the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ, prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD.
     As the Vice-Dean for Educational Activities in the 4th to 6th year of Study Programme General Medicine in the Slovak Language at the FM UPJŠ assoc. prof. Želmíra Macejová, M.D.,PhD., MPH, mim. prof. points out "Due to the distance form of teaching, many of our students went to their home countries, where they also help in hospitals - we have information about students from Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, but also from other countries. We are very pleased that our students, whether here in Slovakia or abroad, manage this demanding period of their lives very bravely while gaining invaluable experience not only from practice but also from real life. Fortunately, we don’t have information that any of the students are more seriously health endangered."

The Faculty Board of the FM UPJŠ believes that we will overcome this difficult period of pandemic soon and the full-time form of teaching will be resumed as soon as possible.

Last update: 17.03.2021