Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine


Department of Forensic Medicine

Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice, Tel./fax: (+421 55) 622 4275 Slovenská verzia

The Department of Forensic Medicine provides complex educational activity for the students of Faculty of Medicine in Slovak and English language. This includes the teaching of compulsory subjects (Forensic Medicine, Medical Ethics), elective courses (Medical Law, Health Damage in Medical Practice, Forensic Criminalistics) and the teaching of subject Forensic Medicine to the students of Faculty of Law. Within Certificated Interdisciplinary Course IB1 created by university-wide project RIFIV, the department provides teaching of elective courses (Ethical Aspects of Thanatology and Human Taphonomy, Ethics and Communication in Medicine with Selected Groups, Bioethics in Environment, Biomedical Research and Ethics) for the undergraduate students, as well as full-time and part-time postgraduate students of all UPJŠ faculties.

Autopsies are performed by the specialist staff of the Department in collaboration with the Medico-Legal and Pathological-Anatomical Department of the Health Care Surveillance Authority as the educational training point of UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine, in accordance with the Conception of Forensic Medicine (No. 17570-1/2006-OZS, 2006/06/19). Among other things, the forensic specialists of the department perform professional and expert activities for the law enforcement authorities in Healthcare and Pharmacy field, Forensic Medicine branch.

In scientific research the Department focuses on the use of immunohistochemical methods in selected areas of forensic medicine and other scientific research projects in collaboration with various departments of UPJŠ. The forensic specialists are engaged in the issue of quantification of injuries and their complications with the prospect of building a national trauma registry, the assessment of traffic accidents focusing on the computer simulation of traffic accidents, as well as the issue of mushroom poisoning and its proof by means of examination of fungi spores in biological material. The Department also deals with forensic anthropology and human taphonomy focusing on investigation and forensic evaluation of exhumed human remains. Department employees also actively participate in domestic and foreign professional forums and conferences.

Moreover, the Department is engaged in drug prevention within the General Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers for Drug Addiction and Drug Control at the Government Office of Slovak Republic, as well as the third sector.



Last update: 14.09.2019