Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine


Department of Medical and Clinical Biochemistry

Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice Slovenská verzia

In the field of education, the staff of the Department of Medical and Clinical Biochemistry provide teaching of a number of subjects (Medical Chemistry, Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, and Laboratory Diagnostic Methods in Public Health) for the students of Bachelor, doctoral, and PhD degree programmes at the UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine in Košice ( The courses taught at the Institute provide students with theoretical foundations of metabolic processes occurring in the body with an emphasis on clinical and biochemical diagnoses of possible disorders. The Institute employees contribute to improvement of the educational process by employing regular innovation of teaching materials (books, textbooks), as well as by preparing their e-versions, which are available for the students at the UPJŠ FM Portal (, and also through WikiSkript or Mefanet.

Scientific research activities include projects addressed at the Department with a focus on analyzing the fluorescence characterization of complex mixtures, making use of molecular-biochemical methods to diagnose diseases, and to study the effect of biochemical functions of subcellular particles by way of foreign substances (more at ...). At the Institute, dissertation theses in the branch of 7.1.25 Clinical Biochemistry are prepared in both full-time and part-time forms of doctoral studies (, and degree theses of the students of both General Medicine and Dental Medicine may also be implemented (, as well as scientific research of students within the Student Scientific Research Activity (SSRA) ( biochemia/vyskum/svoc). Currently, the VEGA grant schemes and the EU Structural Funds projects are being addressed at the Institute, such as: CEMIO, CEEPM, DIAGONKO, and PROBIOTECH (


The exam from Medical Chemistry and Medical Biochemistry 2
Students who have registered subjects Medical Chemistry or Medical Biochemistry 2 for the second time and have also obtained an approved Request for recognition of practical exercises/seminars of the previous period (successful completion of continuous written examinations for the semester, by obtaining at least 60%) can register for the final exam in terms of 30.09.2021 and 16.10.2021 in AIS directly. The exam in Medical Chemistry will consist of written test, while the exam in Medical Biochemistry 2 will be in oral form. The exams will be performed in presence form.

Last update: 08.09.2021