Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine



Research at the department of medical and clinical biophysics is focused onto proteomic analysis of various samples. Laboratory is focused to shotgun analysis utilizing bottom-up approach but we are able to analyse whole protein samples by top-down analysis and tissues by mass spectrometry imaging. For peptide/protein separation different methods are applied utilizing one or two dimensional gel electrophoresis, off-gel fractionation or multidimensional HPLC.

Main area of interest are:

  1. Proteom analysis of breast cancer by four different approaches.
  2. Analysis of MCF7 breast cancer cell line
  3. Analysis of leukocytes isolated from the patients with breast cancer after each chemotherapy cycle
  4. Analysis of cancer tissues after surgery extraction
  5. Analysis of proteomic profile changes after application of non-ionizing electromagnetic field in combination with cytostatic and other biological treatment including immunomodulators
  6. Stem cells proteome analysis.
  7. Biomarker identification of differentiation, apoptosis and senescence.
  8. Influence of non-ionizing electromagnetic field onto differentiation process of stem cells.
  9. Inspection of stem cells for malignant transformation, which were transplanted to the patients with ischemic disease.
  10. Research focused on diagnostic potential of saliva proteome in relationship with systematic diseases and oral cavity diseases
  11. Research focused on changes in cerebrospinal fluid and platelets in suicidal patients
  12. Proteome analysis of leukocytes from patients with rheumatoid and juvenile arthritis.
Last update: 20.07.2020