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Important Years in History

5minút, 5sekúnd
  • On June 24th, 1924, the State Hospital in Košice was ceremoniously opened in Košice with fourteen pavilions and 600 beds – it was built in the previously undeveloped southern part of the city.
  • In 1928, the capacity of the state hospital increased to 848 beds, and after the liberation in 1945, the number of beds increased to 918 beds.
  • On February 24th, 1948, Education and Awareness Commission asked the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine of the Slovak University in Bratislava (now Comenius University, it was Slovak University in 1948) to elaborate and present a local program for the establishment of its branch in Košice.
  • On May 10th, 1948, the director of the State Hospital in Košice, prof. MUDr. Ján Kňazovický presented the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine of the Slovak University in Bratislava “Proposal for the opening of the Faculty of Medicine in Košice – local program”.
  • On July 20th, 1948, the then National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic passed a law according to which a branch of the Medical Faculty of the Slovak University in Bratislava was established in Košice at the beginning of the academic year 1948-1949.
  • On September 14th-16th, 1948, the first meeting of the teaching staff of the Faculty of Medicine took place in Košice with the participation of representatives of the parent faculty and the city of Košice.
  • On October 19th, 1948, the first lecture was given by the gynecologist and obstetrician prof. MUDr. Teodor Schwarz.
  • In September 1949, the regular teaching of general medicine students who entered different years of study began (in the case of higher years of study, these were students reassigned to Košice from the Bratislava Faculty of Nursing).
  • In 1950, the first graduates of the Department of General Medicine graduated in Košice with the title “MUDr.”
  • In the academic year 1950/1951, the pedagogical process also began for dental medicine, when the first 6 dental students transferred from Bratislava to the 2nd year of study, later two other students joined im the next school year.
  • In 1953, the first DM students then completed only a 4-year study of dental medicine with the title “MSDr.”.
  • In the school year 1953/1954, the study of dental medicine was extended to five years, while the first two years were completed by future dentists together with students of the general medicine – the differentiated study of dentistry took place in 3-5 years of study. The graduates graduated with the title of “graduate doctor” (until 1966, when dentists also obtained the title of “MUDr”.
  • In 1959, on the basis of Act no. 58/59 Coll. separated the Faculty of Medicine in Košice from Comenius University and together with the Faculty of Arts of UPJŠ in Prešov (founded in 1953) was incorporated into the newly established Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. (Later, other newly established faculties joined the UPJŠ – in 1963 UPJŠ Faculty of Science in Košice, in 1964 UPJŠ Faculty of Education in Prešov, in 1970 UPJŠ Faculty of Law in Košice, in 1990 UPJŠ Greek Catholic Faculty of Theology in Prešov and the Orthodox Theological Faculty of UPJŠ in Prešov).
  • In October 1966, the construction of a new University Hospital with a polyclinic began on a then undeveloped area in the northwestern part of the city.
  • In the same year (1966), the faculty built a new, at the time very modern student dormitory for the needs of its students near future theoretical institutes and a new teaching hospital, which consisted of four pavilions and had a capacity of 1,500 guests. As it exceeded the needs of the Faculty of Medicine at the time, accommodation was also offered to students of the Faculty of Science and Law. At the beginning of the 1970s, with the era of centralization, the student dormitory was confiscated from the faculty and placed under the administration of the Rectorate.
  • On December 21st, 1973, the building of the “new hospital” polyclinic was put into operation, where in 1974 a part of the dental clinic from the University Hospital on Rastislavova Street began to officiate in the polyclinic areas. The location of the dental clinic in the polyclinic facility was related to the fact that a substantial part of the patients in dental clinics are outpatients. In 1977, this workplace was separated from the maternity clinic.
  • On January 26th, 1981, the FNSP inpatient department with more than 1,100 beds was inaugurated, where most of the clinics from the “old hospital” gradually moved, while the maternity offices of the clinics at Rastislavova Street Hospital were transformed into departments – where new clinics were gradually established.
  • On September 3rd, 1984, the A-block of theoretical institutes of the UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine in Košice was ceremoniously handed over for use. This quarter-century building belonged to the FNsP (later the L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice) and the UPJŠ did not acquire it until 2010. Significant investments in the reconstruction and modernization of the areas from the structural funds and own resources have therefore only been made in recent years.
  • In the academic year 1992/1993, the Faculty of Medicine of UPJŠ in Košice started teaching foreign students, with the first graduates in the Dentistry study program (originally a five – year study) graduating in 1997 and the first graduates of General Medicine graduating in 1998.
  • During this period, UPJŠ MF also began teaching non-medical study programs – Nursing has been taught since 1994, Physiotherapy and Public Health since 2004.
  • In the academic year 1992/1993, there was a change in the field of dentistry in connection with the privatization of healthcare, namely the establishment of new subjects of preventive dentistry and dental radiodiagnostics, which resulted in the extension of the study of the dental department to 6 years. (The first graduates of the 6-year study graduated in June 1998).
  • On January 1st, 1997, the University of Prešov in Prešov was established, which incorporated all four faculties of Prešov, while the three faculties of Košice – the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Law – remained within the competence of the Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Later, the newly established Faculty of Public Administration (in 1998) and the Faculty of Arts (in 2005) were added.

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