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The VI. Dean´s Cup in alpine skiing

3minút, 21sekúnd

On Saturday, March 11, 2023, THE VI. DEAN’S CUP in alpine skiing at the Polish Jurgów Ski Resort, organized by the Dean of UPJŠ FM prof. MUDr. Peter Jarčuška, PhD., and study Vice Dean prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD., founded the history of this Dean’s Cup in March 2015, when its first edition was held. The race was held for the first time outside of Slovakia due to climate change and accommodation options. They were attended by several dozen students, employees and friends of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ in Košice.

The participants of the race were accommodated in the village of Poronin from Friday evening, from where they moved to the Jurgów Ski Resort on Saturday morning, where they were waiting for a challenging, but very well prepared track despite the unpredictable weather – it was still warm in the evening, it was pouring down rain, but during the race, it was already a blizzard and frost, especially in the upper part of the hill. Race participants competed in seven categories in two rounds – giant slalom and slalom.

After the race, there was a free program, which most participants used for skiing in the resort, others went for a walk to the nearby town of Zakopane, or to warm up in the pool or sauna. The evaluation of the results took place on Saturday evening in a hut near the Limba hotel in Poronin, where the participants were accommodated. Dean Peter Jarčuška, vice-dean Daniel Pella and MDDr. Filip Rzepecki, director and supervisor of the race, former Polish skiing representative, and graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ.

The following competitors placed on the medal ranks, deserve our congratulations:

1. PROFF Mara Luisa (1. y. GM, Germany)
2. MACKOVÁ Ema (6. y. VL, Slovakia)
3. MORVAYOVÁ Karolína (5. y. VL, Slovakia)

4. KÖHLER Joel (4. y. GM, Germany)
5. KUCHEM Jonas (3. y. GM, Germany)
6. ORÉMUS Peter (6. y. VL, Slovakia)

1. PELLA Zuzana
2. HALÁNOVÁ Monika

1. SOLÁR Peter
2. HUŇAVÝ Mikuláš
3. PELLA Dominik

1. DUDEK Zoë Carolin (4. y. GM, Germany)
2. TROMM Florian Justus (4. y. GM, Germany)

1. SOLÁR Peter, junior
3. SOLAROVÁ Alžbeta

FRIENDS category:
1. PLACHÝ Lukáš
3. ŠEMELÁK František

(detailed competition results)

All the winning competitors received medals and material gifts, and those who had the honor of standing on the highest podium also took home valuable trophy cups. The organizers of the event were also decorated with a symbolic medal – Dean Professor Peter Jarčuška, Vice Dean Professor Daniel Pella and his wife Stella, Doctor Filip Rzepecki, and other employees of the Faculty of Medicine of UPJŠ who participated in its preparation – Vice Dean Professor Monika Halánová, Head of the Institute of Medical Informatics and Simulator Medicine Associate Professor Jaroslav Majerník, PR manager Jaroslava Oravcová and assistant dean Lucia Fraňová, who did a great job with organizational preparations.

After a tasty dinner with grilled specialties, a knowledge quiz was held, in which teachers, students, and other participants of the extremely successful event tested their strength, among whom there was also Vice Dean Professor Želmíra Macejová, Vice Dean Professor Pavol Kristian, Head of the Institute of Medical Physiology Professor Viliam Donič, Head of the Institute Associate Professor of Medical Biology Peter Solár and other teachers.

Dean Peter Jarčuška is pleased with the great interest of Slovak and foreign students in this sports event, the great atmosphere of which confirmed the positive attitude of our medics to sports and also the desire to have fun in a cultured way. Vice Dean Daniel Pella appreciates the great performance of some competitors, as well as the willingness of weaker skiers, teachers and students to compete. “I am very happy that we managed to get sufficient funds to hold this event, for which I thank its sponsors with a positive attitude towards white sports,” said Prof. Pella.

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