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Three students received the award for the best diploma thesis

1minút, 5sekúnd

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ prof. Peter Jarčuška, M.D., PhD. handed over the awards for the best diploma thesis to three students on Tuesday, March 7, 2023. Twenty submitted diploma theses were assessed by a five-member committee, which selected winners in the following categories:

General Medicine in the Slovak Language: Gabriela Gyimesiová with a diploma thesis entitled “FORENSIC ANALYSIS OF FATAL ETHYL ALCOHOL AND METHYL ALCOHOL POISONING”, under supervision of assoc. prof. Silvia Farkašová Iannaccone, M.D., PhD. from the Department of Forensic Medicine, UPJŠ FM.

Dental Medicine: Dávid Mihálik with diploma thesis entitled “IMPACT OF ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT ON INFLAMMATORY MARKERS IN THE ORAL CAVITY” under the supervision of RNDr. Peter Bober, PhD. from the Department of Medical and Clinical Biophysics, UPJŠ FM.

General Medicine: Martin Turek with diploma thesis entitled “CARDIOVASCULAR RISK CATEGORIES EVALUATION – CURRENT STATUS AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES” under the supervision of prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD. from the II. Department of Cardiology, UPJŠ FM and VÚSCH, a.s.

The Dean prof. Peter Jarčuška, M.D., PhD. was pleased to congratulate the authors of the best diploma theses, wished them all the best in their further studies, and expressed his belief that they would stay to work in Slovakia after completing their studies at our faculty.

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