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Department of Neonatology

1minút, 23sekúnd
Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice Slovenská verzia

The Department of Neonatology focuses primarily on perinatology, prenatal and posnatal diagnostics of mature, premature and deeply immature infants.

In its scientific research, the Department deals with monitoring of the circulation of mechanical lung ventilation and its interaction, analysis of breasting milk, processing and evaluation of ultrasound findings and their visualization, intensive care in Neonatology.

Officially, the Centre of NICU is recognized as a regional centre for all the newborns in the regions of Košice and Prešov with serious life-threatening complications, while receiving all the newborns with congenital developmental defect that requires surgical intervention at the Department of Pediatric Surgery and has been one of the largest centres for admittance of babies under 999 grams from the entire East Slovakia region since 1997.

The level of intensive care is characterized by the following diagnostic and treatment options: bedside full body ultrasound, bedside X-ray, ECG, EEG, monitoring lung mechanics, experience with advanced ventilation techniques – SIPPV, PSV, VG, TCPL, VOLUME AC, HFOV, high level of prevention of nosocomial infections, antibiotic policy, monitoring coolant interactions, invasive vascular accesses – monitoring circulation, monitoring cerebral circulation, in collaboration with the Department of Neurosurgery introduction of subcutaneous closed drainage systems during dilatation of ventricles, in collaboration with the Department of Urology it is dedicated to noninvasive diagnostics of congenital developmental defects of the urinary poetic tract and others.

It is the only centre in the region of East Slovakia, which has carried out the whole-body hypothermia from 2004 as the most effective form of prevention of brain damage in newborns and applications of the inhaled mixture of nitric oxide in lung failure.

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