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History of Department

1minút, 12sekúnd

Department history began since 1952, there was established at Internal Medicine Department at University Hospital, outpatient´s department for occupational diseases. Head of this depatment became Bernard Gomboš MD. from the Department of Internal Medicine after completing a training course at the Prague department of occupational diseases.

In 1960 under Internal Medicine department was set up a 20-bed subdivision of occupational diseases, outpatient department, 4 laboratory and inhalation room.

Since 1964 was department as a separate department of occupational diseases (head physician: B. Gomboš). Initial toxicological laboratory was extended to a laboratory for lung function tests.

Inhalatorium for the treatment of respiratory diseases was built in the year 1961 and was also for purposes other clinics and departments of the University Hospital.

In 1975 the Department of Occupational Diseases Medical Faculty began also teaching activities, the head of department was B. Gomboš MD., PhD.

The department was in 1981 removed to the XXVIII. pavilion with 30 beds, outpatient tract and toxicological laboratory. Expand the services of toxicological laboratory that provides specialized tests, modified especially for the needs of occupational medicine, as well as other clinical departments.

Based on the new concept of department and in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Health was established on August 1st 1996 Department of Occupational Medicine and Clinical Toxicology Faculty of Medicine and L. Pasteur Hospital in Košice. On August 1st 2004, was established by the Ministry of Health, the National Center for occupational diseases of the respiratory system.

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