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0minút, 35sekúnd

The focus of the research activities of department is an issue of primary, secondary and tertiary joint replacement (evaluation of factors affecting the results of arthroplasty – remodelling changes of periprosthetic bone depending on the type of implant, the quality of bone, etc.; using of computer navigation in orthopaedic surgery; treatment of the osseous defects in the periprosthetic bone).

Research activity is also focused on the treatment possibilities of tissue engineered products for hyaline cartilage damage (using cultured autologous chondrocytes and autologous platelet rich plasma) and bone defects of various aetiologies (benign tumors, tumor-like affections, nonunion of fractures, bone necrosis) with autologous stem cells. Department research works closely with the Tissue Bank of University Hospital in Košice.

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