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History of Department

0minút, 45sekúnd

Department of Physiatry, Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation was established in academic year 2004/2005. The first head of department is Assoc. Prof.  MD. Peter Takáč, PhD. The need to establish this department is linked to the Government Order No 157/2002 issued on 28 March 2002, according to which physical medicine and rehabilitation became one of the basic medical specialisations. At the beginning of its activities, the department focused on undergraduate teaching in the field of physiotherapy, nursing and at the present time also on education in general and dental medicine in Slovak and English. An important milestone in the work of the department was in 2009 obtaining the accreditation from the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic for specialized postgraduate medical education in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation for medical doctors with the possibility of attestation and in 2012 obtaining the accreditation for postgraduate specialization training for physiotherapists in physiotherapy of CNS disorders.

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