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Department of Urology

1minút, 35sekúnd
Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice, Tel./fax: +421 55 640 3603 Slovenská verzia

The Department of Urology provides undergraduate teaching of urology in the form of lectures and practical exercises in surgery in the 5th year of the UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine and professional internships in the 6th year, postgraduate teaching before urology certification and professional internships in urology before certification in general medicine, gynecology and surgery.

Qualification certifications in urology are performed at the Department of Urology in Košice. The guarantor and chairman of the attestation commission is the head of the Department of Urology of the Medical Faculty of UPJŠ in Košice, prof. MUDr. Vincent Nagy, PhD., MPH.

The second component of the clinic’s activities is scientific research, mainly in cooperation with preclinical departments within various projects and clinical studies.

The third and main component of the clinic’s work, in addition to training students and doctors, is comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic-preventive activities and care for children and adults with diseases of the urogenital system. If necessary we cooperate with the 1st Surgical Clinic and VÚSCH with its individual departments in the treatment of patients with renal tumors propagating into the vascular system.

The main areas of urology in which the urology clinic specializes are:

  • pediatric urology (operations of congenital anomalies of the urogenital system)
  • uro-oncology (cystectomies with different ways of urine derivation, radical prostatectomies, radical and partial nephrectomies and transurethral resections)
  • inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system
  • urolithiasis (percutaneous and endoscopic operations, extracorporeal litotripsy of urinary stones is also planned)
  • urinary disorders and urinary incontinence (suspension operations using suburethral strips, compression operations using pubovaginal sling and bladder augmentation)
  • neurogenic and nonneurogenic disorders of the lower urinary tract (complex urodynamic examinations)
  • andrology, in which we deal with fertility disorders and erectile dysfunction
  • invasive ultrasonography (biopsies, punctures, cognitive transrectal biopsies of the prostate)
  • conservative oncological treatment of patients with prostate cancer, tumors of upper and lower urinary tract and kidney tumors

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