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Dissertation thesis defense

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When writing a thesis, proceed according to Art. 18 of the PhD Study Regulations at UPJŠ in Košice.

The PhD student may apply for permission to defend the dissertation thesis the relevant department of the Rector’s Office or dean’s office, if the study program is carried out at the faculty, if he or she obtained at least 210 credits, if the daily form is four year and external five-year study.

The application is submitted no later than 3 months before the planned end of his/her PhD studies.

Instruction and Forms

  • List of materials for the dissertation thesis defense
  • The all needed forms you can find in one place: Forms
    • Application for permission of the dissertation thesis defense
    • Application with the opponents’ proposal for the dissertation thesis
    • Specimen of the first and second page of the dissertation
    • Specimen of the first and second page of the abstract

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