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2minút, 7sekúnd

OP II (313011AUA5) New possibilities for the management of serious diseases in medical and preventive care with regard to the safety of health professionals (2021)

VVGS IPEL (vvgs-2021-1841), Creation of interactive digital atlas of forensic medicine for pregradual students: autopsy findings in sudden death (2021)

VVGS PCOV (vvgs-2020-1471), Application of remote postconditioning in operative treated malleolar fractures (2020)

VEGA 1/0393/20, Relationship between adherent and immunomodulatory properties of probiotic lactobacilli and the functionality and integrity of the intestinal barrier in inflammatory bowel diseases (2020-2023)

KEGA 005UPJŠ-4/2019, Analysis of lifestyle risk factors of university students and University of third age students (2019-2021)

VVGS IPEL (vvgs-2019-1356), Implementation of e-learning courses in the study program Medicine at the University of the Third Age at UPJŠ in Košice (2019)

KEGA 004UPJŠ-4/2017, Human physiology with emhpasis on physical activity and sport (2017-2019)

VEGA 1/0204/16, The effect of cytostatic therapy to the dynamics of the factors causing the expression of drug resistance in experimentally induced mammary carcinoma (2016-2019)

VEGA 1/0048/15, Effect of estrogen replacement therapy for wound healing and survival of skin flaps (2015-2017)

APVV-14-0731, Galectin as potential modulators of tumor microenvironment / wounds

ASFEU REZIDENT 26120230032, Further education in specialization in General Medicine and Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ (2014-2015)

APVV-0684-12, Study of immunomodulatory and regenerative properties of mesenchymal stromal cells on osteoarthritis model in vitro (2013-2017)

ASFEU RIFIV 26110230101, Development of innovative forms of education and the promotion of interdisciplinary studies at the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (2013-2015)

VEGA 1/0207/12, Antitumour effects of probiotics, prebiotics and melatonin in experimental models of breast cancer (2012-2015)

VEGA 1/0415/12, Ovarian graft function influence after autotransplantation (2012-2015)

VEGA 1/0428/11, Application of immunohistochemical methods for dating of damage to the skin and soft tissues of the human body in forensic practice (2011-2013)

VEGA 1/0925/11, Study of genetic polymorphisms and expression of proteins in association with prognosis and therapy of renal adenocarcinoma and nephroblastoma (2011-2013)

VEGA 1/0309/10, The possibility of surgical treatment of diabetes 1.type by implantation of mesenchymal stroma cells prepared from bone marrow stem cells into pancreatic microenvironment (2010-2011)

VEGA 1/2355/05, Prevention of mammary carcinogenesis in female rats by a selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase 2 (2005-2007)

VEGA 1/1286/04, The role of psychoemotional stress in the origin of experimental mammary carcinogenesis in female rats (2004-2006)

VEGA 1/0511/03, Forensic analysis of traumatic and non-traumatic lesions of the CNS and their dating by immunohistochemistry (2003-2005)

Výcvikový program prevencie drogových závislostí a AIDS pre vysokoškolákov. Projekt Protidrogový fondom v Bratislave, (2001-2003)

KEGA /1998 Výcvikový program prevencie rizikového správania sa, závislosti a AIDS (1998-2000)

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