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Department of Histology and Embryology

1minút, 29sekúnd

Šrobárova 2, 041 80 Košice

The staff of the Department of Histology and Embryology contribute to the teaching of Histology and Embryology for the bachelor, doctoral and PhD students of the Faculty of Medicine in both Slovak and English languages.

The teaching staff have prepared an image and text material of actual lectures for students of General Medicine and Dental Medicine. The electronic Textbook of Cytology, General Histology of Tissues, and Microscopic Anatomy is available at the faculty website.

In performing scientific research activities, our department specializes in the issues of the causes of cell death after the ischemic-reperfusion injury of small intestine and consequent analysis of inflammatory changes in the intestine, lungs, liver, and spleen that can cause development of multiple organ failure in rats.

Another task is investigation of pharmacological preconditioning or postconditioning in the global ischemia of the brain in rats and ischemia in the spinal cord of rabbits and their influence on development of nerve tissue tolerance. The project examines mechanisms of possible protection of neurons against ischemic – reperfusion injury.

Demonstration of α-synuclein pathology in colonic biopsies as potential premotor biomarker of Parkinson´s disease serves as a model for testing this hypothesis in our last project.

Within the scope of the above research objectives, we have introduced new methods of immunohistochemistry and molecular biology for monitoring histopathological changes and gene expression in the small intestine, in parenchymal organs, and in the nerve tissue.


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