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Free access to all Elsevier Textbooks

1minút, 12sekúnd

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the pivot to online curriculums Elsevier had agreed, in conjunction with your library, to open up access to our medical titles on the ClinicalKey Student platform for the institution until the end of June. On the platform you’ll find a wealth of content, including many well-known Elsevier textbooks, downloadable images from all texts, videos, granular indexing, citation generator, offline access, etc, and a bank of over 4000 questions. Notes can be generated and shared between students/faculty and can also be exported from the Bookshelf (via OneNote) to be utilized in external collaborative platforms.
You can access the platform via VPN or Registration ID, which your library has for you, following link

In the situation when all of us must teach remotely, the following training videos may be of use:

There is also a support centre covering all frequently asked questions, and plenty of support materials to be found here:

A list of full-text books available to you and your students on the platform can be downloaded here.
All useful download links here.



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