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Study program commission and BSP

1minút, 21sekúnd

Field of study: General Medicine, III. degree of study
Study program: Normal and pathological physiology

The study program board (RMS) is responsible for the quality of the study program and is composed of a person responsible for the study program (PWD), persons responsible for profile subjects (PWD), a representative of employers and a doctoral student. RŠP in cooperation with the trade union commission (OK) for SP normal and pathological physiology approves in accordance with the Study Rules of doctoral studies at UPJŠ in Košice rules for admission procedure and dissertation examination, principles for credit evaluation, conditions for accepting dissertation for defense, proposes Individual study plan (ISP) of individual students, proposes trainers and consultants, the composition of examination commissions for entrance and state final examinations and resolves on the annual evaluation of ISP, to which students are tied to full-time doctoral scholarships.

The trade union commission is composed of experts working in the SP or related study programs who are employees of the UPJŠ in Košice, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Science, other universities or faculties, SAS workplaces and other scientific research organizations. Examination commissions e.g. for entrance and state final (dissertation) examinations, dissertation defenses are composed of at least five members of the trade union commission:

  • of which at least one third are not a member of the academic community of the Faculty of Medicine,
  • at least one person is not a member of the UPJŠ academic community in Košice,
  • and at least two thirds of the members are associate professors and professors (DrSc.).


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