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The three-year bachelor degree study of nursing was first time opened in the academic year 1992/1993 at the Faculty of Medicine of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Due to this fact, the Faculty of Medicine of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice was among first universities in Slovakia to educate nurse at university level. Study coordinator in its early days was the dean of the faculty prof. MD. I. Jurkovič, PhD, vice-dean doc. MD. Z. Šalingová, PhD, prof. MD. D. Trejbal, PhD and MD. L. Pundová, PhD. In the next period, from the academic year 1993/1994 the coordination of this study field was taken by prof. MD. M. Kovářová, PhD.

The Institute of Nursing was established as an educational and scientific institution in the academic year 1998/1999 under the direction of the dean of Faculty of Medicine in Kosice prof. MD. L. Mirossay, PhD. On 01.11.1998, doc. Mgr. M. Zamboriová, PhD became head of the institute.

In 2004, prof. MD. Viola Mechírová, PhD was appointed the vice-dean for Nursing and Medical study programs, who was in the same year appointed head of the Institute of Nursing. In April 2002, a meeting of experts TAIEX took place that was focused on the implementation and enforcement of EU requirements on selected regulated professions. The final report of the European Commission evaluated the curriculum in undergraduate study at the Medical Faculty in Košice as fully compatible with EU requirements.

In the academic year 2002/2003, the number of admitted students at Bachelor’s degree in nursing increased from 15 to 150. In the academic year 2003/2004 a part-time Bachelor’s degree study for working nurses was opened. At the same time in the same academic year a master’s degree full time study in nursing was opened. Since the academic year 2006/2007 the Institute of Nursing has been authorised to open doctoral study.

The Institute of Nursing implements and coordinates teaching in bachelor and master study programs of Nursing, leads practical training course “Fundamentals of Health Care” and Nursing Care for Slovak and foreign students in the second year in study program General Medicine. The institute also participates on the instruction of Propedeutics of Dental Medicine and Rhetoric and Communication for students in study programs Dental Medicine and General Medicine. Teachers of Nursing participate in teaching in study programs of Public Health and Physiotherapy.

The Institute is active in publications and participates in professional and scientific areas in Slovakia and abroad.

During its existence, the Institute of Nursing developed study literature for the individual subjects of the study program of Nursing.

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