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VEGA 1/0622/20
Project leader: prof. MUDr. Jozef Radonak, CSc., MPH Researchers – Doc. MUDr. R. Beňačka, CSc.,, MVDr. E. Lovásová, Ph.D., MVDr. J. Kralikova, PhD.
Project title: Study of molecular and metabolomics profile of breast cancer
Solution period: 01 / 2020- 12/2023

Krcho, Benacka a spol. (2011-2019): Evaluation of cerebral tissue oxygenation and derived parameters using NIRS in neonates is one of the preferred methods of non-invasive functional brain monitoring, allowing up-to-date estimation of arterial and venous cerebral circulatory response and tissue metabolism and its rapid and targeted correction.
a) We have defined characteristic changes in fNIRS parameters in some diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed on a group of critical neonates as a basis for improving their therapeutic management,
b) We have also defined several types of fNIRS development, pointing to the pathogenetic mechanisms that can lead to these changes, including hypoxia reactions, ischemia, blood stasis, changes in O2 tissue consumption.

VEGA1 / 0584/16
Project leader: RNDr. Z. Hertely, PhD. Project leaders: Doc. MUDr. R. Beňačka, CSc.,, MUDr. E. Sedláková, Ph.D., MVDr. E. Lovásová, Ph.D., MVDr. J. Kralikova, PhD. MUDr. M. Brenišin, Ph.D.
Project title: Dependence between PNMK and LBP / sCD14 ratio in the blood serum of patients with breast cancer
Solution period: 01 / 2016- 12/2018

Center of Excellence for Electromagnetic Fields in Medicine (CEEPM)
Project duration 01.09.2010 to 31.08.2014
Project leaders: Doc. MUDr. R. Beňačka, CSc., Prof. MVDr. F. Ništiar, CSc., MD E. Sedlakova, PhD.

VEGA 1/0901/13
project leader: MVDr. Jaroslava Novakova, PhD
Project title: Determination of reference values of selected biochemical and hematological indicators in Wistar rats
Project duration 01/2013 – 12/2015

VEGA 1/0387/10
Responsible researcher: MVDr. Eva Lovásová, PhD.
Project title: Influence of chronic exposure to subtoxic doses of cadmium and mercury on reproductive, physiological, biochemical and antioxidant parameters in rats
Solution period: 01/2010 – 12/2011

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