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As project leaders and national coordinators we have been involved in over 30 research projects, including projects funded by the European Commission (e.g. H2020, 3rd HP, FP7, DG SANTE), International Funds (OSF, IVF), the Slovak Research Agencies (APVV, VEGA), and Structural Funds (ASFEU).

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IMMERSE: The Implementation of Digital Mobile Mental Health in Clinical Care Pathways
Scheme EC H2020, SC1-BHC, No. 945263, Budget: 4 mil EUR
Duration 2021-2025
Coordinator   National / UPJS: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
International: Katholieke Universiteit Leuwen, BE; Prof. I. Myin-Germeys
Summary The overarching aim of this project is to advance the transformation of mental health care in Europe intro a true person-centered care, using a unique Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) – a structured mHealth diary technique. By conducting a thorough implementation study including identifying and overcoming several barriers for implementation, we aim for a further scale-up of mHealth technology in routine clinical healthcare in 4 European countries (Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Slovakia) and beyond.
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SCIROCCO Exchange: Personalised Knowledge Transfer and Access to Tailored Evidence-Based Assets on Integrated Care
Scheme EC 3rd HP-PJ-2018; No. 826676; Budget: 1.5 mil EUR
Duration 2019-2022
Coordinator   National: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
International: Scottish Government, UK, Dr. Donna Henderson
Summary The project builds upon the preliminary achievements of the B3 Action Group on Integrated Care of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA). The aim is to explore the potential expansion of the SCIROCCO Maturity Model and its online self-assessment tool for integrated care to other relevant areas of active and healthy ageing.
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FOSTREN: Fostering and Strengthening Approaches to Reducing Coercion in European Mental Health Services
Scheme EC COST Action CA19133; Budget: n/a
Duration 2020-2024
Coordinator   National: Dr. Dagmar Breznoscakova, MD
International: St Olavs Hospital Hf, Trondheim, Norway; Prof. Richard Whittington
Summary FOSTREN is an EC Action designed to establish a sustainable, multidisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners focused on reducing the degree to which mental health services use coercion in hospital and community mental health services.
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iCARE Study: International COVID-19 Awareness and Responses Evaluation Study
Scheme CIHR: SMC-151518; Consortium of 150+ international collaborators from 40+ countries; Budget: multi-source funding
Duration 2020-ongoing
Coordinator   National: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
International: Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre, Canada; Prof. Kim Lavoie & Prof. Simon Bacon
Summary The key to halting the rapid spread of COVID-19 and ‘flattening the curve’ is public adherence to drastic, rapidly evolving behaviour-based prevention policies that are being implemented around the world. iCARE is an international multi-wave cross-sectional observational cohort study of public awareness, attitudes, and responses to public health policies implemented to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Survey data is being collected in monthly waves and linked at the country/province-level with Oxford Government Policy Tracker data.
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VEGA 1/0372/20: Utilizing Eco-social and Behavioural Interventions in Preventing the Burden of Caregivers for People with Alzheimer’s Disease
Scheme VEGA-Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic;
No. 1/0372/20; Budget: 44.240 EUR
Duration 2020-2022
Coordinator  Principal investigator: Dr. Zuzana Katreniakova, MD
Summary The project aims to verify the effectiveness of eco-social and behavioural interventions in preventing the burden of caregivers for people with Alzheimer’s disease and to formulate evidence-based recommendations for practice and public social-health policy. A series of interventions for caregivers will be based on an analysis of the relationships between demographic, psychosocial and behavioural factors of dementia and their impact on functional status and quality of life of persons with dementia.
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APVV-15-0719 – LORICCOM: Longitudinal Research on Psychosocial Innovations in Chronic Condition Management
Scheme APVV/SRDA – Slovak Research and Development Agency; No. APVV-15-0719; Budget: 184.812 EUR
Duration 2016-2020
Coordinator  Principal investigator: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
Summary The main goal of this multidisciplinary research project was to deepen our understanding of effective chronic disease management as well as to increase awareness of professionals and the general public regarding integrated models of care. The results highlighted the importance of patients’ self-management support, which is a key aspect of patient-centered approaches in healthcare. The project also highlighted the relevance of non-pharmacological interventions, such as physical exercise or cognitive-behavioral therapy, for improving health outcomes.
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EURO-URHIS 2: European Urban Health Indicators System Part 2
Scheme European Commission: FP7-HEALTH-2007-B; No. 223711; Budget: 3 mil EUR
Duration 2009-2013
Coordinator   National: Dr. Iveta Nagyova & Dr. Zuzana Katreniakova, MD
International: University of Manchester, United Kingdom; Dr. Arpana Verma MBChB, MPH, MFPH
Summary Measuring urban health is important due to increasing urbanisation and globalisation. The EURO-URHIS 2 project identified urban health indicators and their availability with aim to develop methodology and validate tools useful to policymakers at all levels to make health gains via evidence-based policy decisions for urban populations. Differences between countries in health indicators were compared for benchmarking and to make changes. Health profiles from more than 40 cities from 14 countries have been published. From Slovakia health profiles of Bratislava and Kosice have been published.
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ICARE4EU: Innovating Care for People With Multiple Chronic Conditions in Europe
Scheme EC DG SANCO, EAHC, No. 20121205; Budget: 1.2 mil EUR
Duration 2013-2016
Coordinator   National: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
International: NIVEL – Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research; Dr. Mieke Rijken
Summary The ICARE4EU project aimed to improve the care for 50 million people suffering from multiple chronic conditions in Europe. The complex health care problems of these patients and their need for continuous and multidisciplinary care poses a great challenge to health systems and social services. But also from a patient perspective, improvements in for instance the organization of care and the level of their own involvement in the care process are important. ICARE4EU described and analysed innovative approaches in multidisciplinary care for people with multiple chronic conditions in Europe.
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APVV-0220-10: LORIDIS – Longitudinal Research on Incapacitating Chronic Disease
Scheme APVV/SRDA – Slovak Research and Development Agency; No. APVV-0220-10; Budget: 226.790 EUR
Duration 2011-2014
Coordinator  Principal investigator: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
Summary The LORIDIS project aimed to gain knowledge in the field chronic disease management by better understanding of causal mechanisms operant within biomedical and psychosocial influences. The project identified a number of protective psychological factors (such as sense of coherence, self-management and psychological well-being), as well as social factors (e.g. emotional and instrumental social support, social participation) positively influencing patients’ functional status and quality of life. This knowledge can be utilized in development of patient-centered chronic disease management programmes.
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EMA/2015/24/PH: Study of Regulatory Communication and Risk Awareness Following the Article 31 Referral of Combined Hormonal Contraceptives in Relation to Thromboembolism
Scheme EMA – European Medicines Agency, EMA/2015/24/PH; EUPAS21356; Budget: 175.000 EUR
Duration 2016-2018
Coordinator   National: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
International: University College London, UK, Prof. Fiona Stevenson; Aarhus University Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology, Denmark, Prof. Henrik Toft Sørensen
Summary Research has demonstrated an increased risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in women using combined hormonal contraceptives (CHC). The outcomes of our study suggest that health professionals can play a key role in communicating with women about CHC and its risks and that they need further support in this task. The dissemination of international guidance on CHC, such as that produced by EMA, could also be improved, to ensure that women across Europe are provided with similar standards of health care when it comes to contraception choices.
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KISH: Kosice Institute for Society and Health: Research programme on Chronic diseases
Scheme Bilateral Collaboration Agreement between University of Groningen, the Netherlands (RuG) and PJ Safarik University in Kosice (UPJS);
Contract no: GR090707B – management, Budget: 488.583 EUR
Duration 2005-2009 and 2010-2014
Coordinator National: Dr. Iveta Nagyova
International: Dr. Jitse P van Dijk, University Medical Centre Groningen, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Summary KISH supported training of PhD students under the collaborative supervision of teams from RuG and UPJS. The overall aim of the PhD projects under Chronic Disease research programme was to provide better insight into the management of chronic disease through examining the biomedical, psychological, and social determinants of poor functional status and quality of life. The programme was a great success. Over the years, 17 PhD students defended their thesis at the University of Groningen (RuG) and the team was granted over 1.2 mil EUR from national and international research agencies. In addition, the project leaders JP van Dijk and Dr. I Nagyova initiated a first ever RuG-UPJS Double PhD degree programme in the field of medical sciences with first PhD students defending their thesis in 2014 (M. Skorvanek, G. Kolvek).
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