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 Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice
The Faculty of Medicine
Diploma thesis
General Medicine / Dental Medicine
Basic information
  1. Diploma thesis is the part of Study program and it is obligatory
  2. Diploma thesis must by worked out on Bylaw No. 1/2007 on bibliographical registration, keeping, making available, and essential requisites of final degree theses valid for Šafárik University in Košice and its constituents
  3. Topics of Diploma thesis
  4. The topic of Diploma thesis can be registered by one student only
  5. Topic of  Student Scientific activity (ŠVOČ) is acceptable as topic of Diploma thesis
  6. In the case you do not choose any topics from the list fill out „Proposal of Diploma thesis“
  7. Filled form “Topic of Diploma thesis“ or “Proposal of topic of Diploma thesis“ signed by student and Diploma thesis tutor. The obligatory for registration to year 4 is submitting above-mentioned document.  
  8. There will take place the compulsory seminar for all the students (under Diploma seminar) about Diploma thesis preparation and principles of bibliographical work in the beginning of winter term of academic year. The date of seminar will be given by the date of registration.
  9. Preparation and work on Diploma thesis must be done in the period of year 4 and 5 of study
  10. Diploma thesis defence takes place in the year 6 and will be incorporated in study schedule
  11. Student right is to be informed about reference of Diploma thesis tutor and Diploma thesis opponent 3 day s before defence at the latest
  12. Diploma thesis defence is evaluated by grades A – FX
  13. Usually Diploma thesis tutor and Diploma thesis opponent take part in Diploma thesis defence as well.


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