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Entrance examination

5minút, 9sekúnd


Applicants must pass an entrance examination in chemistry and biology in written form (multiple-choice tests). Since the language of instruction is English, applicants should possess a good command of English.

The Dean of the Faculty decides on the acceptance of students based on their success in the entrance examination and a number of applicants for the given study programme.

The applicant is allowed to sit the entrance examination only once per admission year in one study programme. One General medicine and one Dental medicine.

Study programme

Study mode


Length of study

Number of admitted applicants

General Medicine VL-GM

full time


6 years


Dental Medicine ZL-DM

full time


6 years



  • 19th June 2024 (Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ in Košice) or
  • 14th August 2024 (Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ in Košice)


  • Applicants with Slovak citizenship – if did not apply for the same study programme in the Slovak language till 2 weeks before the entrance exam
  • Applicants without representative – till 05.06.2024 (for entrance examination on 19th June 2024)
  • Applicants without representative – till 31.07.2024  (for entrance examination on 14th August 2024)
  • Applicants with representative – according to the valid contracts


  • Filled in, signed and printed application form – to be able to fill in the application form, it is necessary to register at: The manual on how to fill in the application in Academic Information System 2 (AiS2) is available on:
    AiS2 is open for filling out the application forms from 1st January 2023. All the required information must be filled in only by computer, not by hand, including the first name and surname as they appear on the passport or ID card. An application form missing any information will not be accepted.
    The abbreviations for study programmes in the English language are VL – GM for General Medicine and ZL – DM for Dental Medicine. Please do not choose VL or ZL abbreviations for Slovak study programmes.
  • Attachment to the application form
  • Medical confirmation of physical and mental ability to university studies (not older than 3 months, original signed, stamped and dated by the physician) – in English or Slovak language.
  • Copy of passport / ID card
  • Confirmation of application and entrance exam fee payment, which is non-refundable, for every applicant without exception.
  • School leaving certificate – final diploma with grades. As determined by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, every applicant must submit a notary-authorised copy of the apostilled school leaving certificate and its notary-authorised Slovak translation by a sworn translator. VERIFICATION BY NOTARY AND SWORN TRANSLATION MUST BE PROVIDED IN SLOVAKIA. Please also note that the original certificate must be in the official language of the country where it has been issued. For contact details of authorities competent to issue an Apostille in your country, please see
    If countries do not issue Apostilles, applicants must have their documents super legalised. Superlegalization is provided by the Ministry of Education, followed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the end by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in that country or in the country which acts on its behalf.
    The Apostille/super legalization is not required if applicants have completed their secondary education in the following countries:
    • Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Romania
      Applicants from the above-named countries must submit a notary-authorised copy of their school leaving certificate and its notary-authorised Slovak translation by a sworn translator.
    • Ukraine
      Applicants from the above-named country must submit a notary-authorised copy of their school leaving certificate and its notary-authorised Slovak translation by a sworn translator. Furthermore, they must be willing to provide the original certificate for insight if required.

The listed documents are to be submitted directly to the deadline to the following address:

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice
Faculty of Medicine
Study Department
Trieda SNP 1
040 11  Košice
The Slovak Republic

For examination of observance of the sign-up deadline, the decisive date is the date on the stamp of the post office, at which was the mail sent.

Each applicant, including Students of the Faculty of Medicine, must submit all above-mentioned documents.

An application sent after the deadline will not be accepted.


The applicants are accepted based on a written entrance examination consisting of multiple choice test in the following subjects: Chemistry and Biology. Both parts – Biology and Chemistry – are included in one test which takes 2 and a half hours.

The test consists of 200 questions (100 questions in biology and 100 questions in chemistry) and for each question, an applicant can obtain 0-4 points, so the maximum score is 800.

There are no minus points. In the test for every question there are 4 options (A, B, C, D) and 0-4 can be correct. No periodic tables, calculators or other reference materials are necessary.

The acceptance pass mark in General Medicine and Dental Medicine is usually 75%.

Test assessment is anonymous, by scanning individual answer sheets based on individually assigned identification codes.

The entrance exam questions are available at:

Preparatory Courses are available at:


Information about the results of the entrance examination will be available on the faculty webpage

7. BANK DETAILS for the payment of the entrance exam fee in the amount of 30 €

Bank details for payment within European Union (valid from 1.2.2014):

Name of bank:Štátna pokladnica
Radlinského 32
810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
Name of account:ZBÚ LF Ke
Country code:SK
Beneficiary:UPJŠ v Košiciach, Lekárska fakulta
Trieda SNP 1
040 11 Košice, Slovakia
Variable symbol:1024
Specific symbol:according to the date of birth – YYMMDD0000, if you are a female – YY50+MMDD0000 (YY is Year, MM is Month, DD is Day of birth)
Constant symbol:0308
Payment purpose:Name and surname of the applicant

Bank details for payment out of the European Union (valid from 1.2.2014):

Bank:Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s.
Mlynské Nivy 1,
829 90 Bratislava, Slovakia
Beneficiary:Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Safarika v Kosiciach,
Šrobarova 2,
041 80 Košice, Slovakia
Variable symbol:1024
Payment purpose:Name and surname of the applicant

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