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Current information regarding the teaching process at the FM UPJŠ

0minút, 50sekúnd

    Concerning the questions of our international students and partners in connection with the military conflict in Ukraine, we would like to inform you that the situation in Slovakia is calm and the membership of the Slovak Republic in the EU and NATO fundamentally determines the international position of our state and its security.
    Concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, we are entering a period when the anti-pandemic measures are being relaxed in Slovakia. The restriction regimes for unvaccinated people will be lifted in the country from February 28, 2022, the capacity and opening hours restrictions should be lifted on March 28, 2022, and the obligation to wear respirators or protective masks should be adjusted.
    We have started the practical teaching in the summer semester without restrictions at the FM UPJŠ – practices and seminars are carried out in the full-time form, only lectures are carried out in the online form.
    The possible changes in the teaching process will be published on our website and FB profile or will be sent to students by email.

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