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Associated Tissue Bank

1minút, 41sekúnd
Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice Slovenská verzia

The Associated Tissue Bank in Košice is a joint workplace of UPJS FM and LP UH in Kosice. It is a scientific-research department carrying out research-related activities mainly in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell research. Since 1998, research has been carried out at the workplace as part of individual doctoral, diploma and student scientific experimental work in the fields of orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, tissue engineering, hematology and organ, tissue and cell transplantation. With the technological and methodological support of this department, several PhD theses were successfully implemented and defended at the UPJS Faculty of Medicine, the University of Veterinary Medicine and Farmacology in Kosice and the Technical University in Kosice. The department cooperates with academic institutions in the field of regenerative medicine, research of stem cells and extracellular vesicles and is a partner in the project Center of Excellence for Neuroregeneration – NEUREG, led by the Institute of Neurobiology SAS in Košice and in the project Open scientific community for modern interdisciplinary research in medicine – OPENMED. The department is part of MEDIPARK UPJŠ FM Kosice. Research projects funded by APVV and VEGA in the scope of the mentioned research thematic orientations are solved at this workplace. Due to its research orientation, Associated Tissue Bank is not included in regular pedagogical activities.

As part of its treatment and prevention activities, the Associated Tissue Bank fulfills the tissue and cell transplant program and diagnostic program at LP UH Kosice. It carries out the following activities: collection, processing, storage and distribution of tissue and cell transplants for the regeneration of bone, connective, vascular and nervous tissues. It has also been a long-term part of the program for the treatment of hemato-oncological diseases by hematopoietic stem cell transplantation at the Department of Hematology and Oncohematology. At the same time, it solves an extensive program of diagnostics of fertility disorders, qPCR diagnostics of COVID19 and qPCR diagnostics of respiratory, GIT, STD and other serious viral and bacterial pathogens.

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