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Since 1998, Associated Tissue Bank has been conducting research in the field of tissue regeneration and cell therapy. The results obtained in clinical applications are based on the years of study of the nature of bone graft and mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow. Since 2012, mesenchymal stem cells research has been carried out through the project NEUREG, financed by the Operational Programme Research and Development, in the Class A/B clean room, which meets the criteria for pre-clinical research in regenerative medicine and sterile cell culture. Thanks to the project the department is equipped also with other necessary advanced technology for cytometry and molecular analysis, contributing to validity of produced results. A similar establishment for clinical applications of tissue and cell transplants funded by the Operational Programme Health was put into operation in 2012, which meets all the requirements for good laboratory practice, allowing the preparation of tissue and cell transplants at clinical grade.

In 2012 the prize of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport was awarded to Dr. Rosocha, the Head of the Department, for his research in the field of regenerative medicine and establishment of the most modern workplace for cell and tissue transplants preparation in Slovakia.

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