Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine



Research activities of Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing is focused on the development of new trends in nursing discipline. The ambition is to continue in the topic about workload of nurses and analysis of motivation factors for the performance of the nursing profession. Patient safety and quality of nursing care is another priority because the nurse as participants of multicultural team plays a crucial role in various clinical situations (safe administration of drugs, prevention of falls and injuries, prevention of decubites ...). The subject of interest is also the evaluation of quality of life, lifestyle, mental health and spirituality in patients with selected (particular) chronic diseases and issues of active and healthy ageing. Currently, we pay attention to the area of adherence to treatment and education in clinical practice for selected cardiovascular diseases. We assume, that the application of high quality educational programs will contribute to the development of self-management of patients, advanced treatment compliance and it will result in improvement of the quality of life. Support, innovation, the application of multimedia technology in teaching of nursing subjects and test their efficiency, attractiveness and quality of teaching process is another of our vision for the future.

Last update: 02.02.2017