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1minút, 7sekúnd

Research activities of Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing is a research-oriented department with the aim of developing new trends in the field of nursing. Current scientific research is focused on topics related to nursing profession advancement focusing on different aspects of patient care. Research on the professional aspects of the nursing profession has concentrated on the assessment of workload, the analysis of motivational factors for the practice of the nursing profession and patient safety in health care. The ambition is to continue researching nurses’ workload and the analysis of motivational factors for the nursing profession. The issue of patient safety and quality of nursing care is another priority, as a nurse as a member of the multidisciplinary team plays a key role in various clinical situations (safe administration of medication, prevention of falls and accidents, prevention of decubitus…). It is also the interest of the department to evaluate the quality of life, lifestyle, mental health and spirituality of patients with selected chronic diseases and the issue of active aging. We are currently concentrating on the area of the adherence to treatment, and education in clinical practice for selected cardiovascular diseases. Our vision for the near future is the support, innovation and application of multimedia technologies and simulations in teaching processes within nursing subjects and testing their effectiveness, attractiveness and quality of teaching.

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