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Overall wider objective of the project is supporting public health in Uzbekistan by modernization of Curriculum of Health Sciences in universities of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and therefore following steps are undertaken: adapting, modernizing, restructuring health sciences education, and bring innovative teaching technologies into training process as multimedia and audio-visual components; elaborating guidelines for application of generated outcomes; introducing new curricula into education process of PC universities and provide sustainability.

Curricula of 7 courses are modernized by project implementation units, which are trained in EU partner-universities. During development and modernizing curricula, work groups are provided with technical and didactic equipment. Efficiency of the project is provided by organization and carrying out of special training-seminars, close cooperation of EU and PC partners and constant monitoring of activity by contractor and PC local coordinators. Management of the project is planned to be organized mostly by local – PC partner organizations to ensure good results and saving the budget by reducing number of mobilities. Dissemination activity is planned by organization of conferences, web-page publications; information on the results of the project are published for achievement of effective dissemination. Both EU and PC organizations are involved in the process of Dissemination.

Project outcomes are multiplied and distributed to all PC universities, which were not in project implementation activities, providing capitalization of project results on a national scale. All the project equipment is transferred to the balance of the PC partner universities for further operation and maintenance after the project period is over. Experience and technical means gained during the project realization are good bases for sustainability of the project, which is led and provided by universities of PC.

Work packages and Working groups:

WP1: Preparation
WP2: Development

  • WG1: “Valeology” and “Basic of medical knowledge”
  • WG2: “Age physiology and hygiene”
  • WG3: “Sport medicine” and “Treatment physical culture and sport hygiene”
  • WG4: “Improvement of best practices in providing first pre-hospital medical aid”
  • WG5: “Public health and management of public health”

WP3: Quality
WP4: Dissemination
WP5: Management

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