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ModeHEd:: Meetings, Leipzig

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The fifth coordination meeting

The coordination meeting in Leipzig, Germany was held during the period from 10th of December till 15th of December 2017. Coordinator of the project, HTWK, arranged the agenda of the meeting as a combination of study visit and project activities presentations and discussions. During the first days of the meeting, the modernizing universities from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan presented recent progress and results in developing their courses from Physiology, Age Physiology and Hygiene, Valeology, Basics of Medicine, Sport Medicine and Physical Culture Hygiene, Treatment Physical Culture, Public Health and Management of Public Health as well as Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Care. Then the EU partners presented their activities and HTWK workplaces including Faculty of Media and Informatics of the HTWK Leipzig, Library of the HTWK Leipzig, Medical Robotic Room in FIMN, Classical University of Leipzig and Albertina Library.



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