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THAISZIA – JOURNAL OF BOTANY, Volume 11, 2001 – abstracts

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vol. 11, 2001 – Abstracts
vol. 11/1-2 editum 21 August 2001
Ma J. S. (2001): A Revision of Euonymus (Celastraceae). – Thaiszia – J. Bot. 11: 1-264. – ISSN 1210-0420.
Abstract: A worldwide revision of the genus Euonymus (Celastraceae) is presented, based on materials from most major herbaria. A total of 2 subgenera, 5 sections and 129 species are recognized, including several new combinations, and more than 50 new synonyms, as well as many new distributions. For each recognized species, original literature, type information, synonyms, geographical distribution, specimens examined are covered; detailed descriptions and pertinent discussions are included where necessary. Sequence of the contents is: introduction; history; characters; geographical distribution and floristics, and economic value; taxonomic treatment of subgenera, sections, and 129 recognized species, with mention of nearly 50 excluded species, 20 undescribed species (nom. nud.), and 10 unknown or uncertain species; acknowledgments; major references; species list; citation index; and index of scientific names.


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