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THAISZIA – JOURNAL OF BOTANY, Volume 2, 1992 – abstracts

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vol. 2, 1992 – Abstracts
vol. 2 editum 25 January 1993
SOLDANO A. (1992):
Corallina (Corallinaceae) and Sesamoides (Resedaceae) are to be ascribed to Allioni. – Thaiszia 2: 3-10. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: Corallina and Sesamoides have been attributed, respectively, to LINNAEUS (1759) and ORTEGA (1773), but ALLIONI validly published them earlier (1757).
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KIRSCHNER J. (1992): Karyological differentiation of Luzula sect. Luzula in Europe. – Thaiszia 2: 11-39. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: Luzula sect. Luzula (L. campestris agg.) samples from about 15 European countries have been examined karyologically. Chromosome numbers and karyotypes are given for the samples referable to more than 12 taxa. Probable ways of karyotype differentiation within the section Luzula are summarized.
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TERPÓ A. (1992): Pyrus taxa in Hungary, and their practical importance. – Thaiszia 2: 41-57. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: Wild and cultivated Hungarian Pyrus taxa have been grouped with respect to their origin. The species can be classified to three sections: Pyrus, Pontica and Pashia. Pyrus pyraster, P. caucasica, P. mecsekensis, P. slavonica, P. nivalis, P. austriaca, P. x pannonica, P. magyarica and P. x karpatiana were found to occur in Hungary. Only few additional species are planted in Botanical Gardens, e. g., P. salicifolia.
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DELIPAVLOV D. (1992): Materials on the flora of Bulgaria. – Thaiszia 2: 59-66. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: A number of taxa new to the flora of Bulgaria are given: the genus Parvotrisetum CHRTEK, Parvotrisetum myrianthum (BERTOL.) CHRTEK, Trigonella orthoceras KAR. et KIR., Anchusa macedonica DEG., Veronica trichadena JORD. et FOURR., Aegilops speltoides subsp. ligustica (SAVIGN.) BORNM., Cardamine graeca var. eriocarpa (DC.) FRITSCH. Two forms are described as new for the science: Gentianella bulgarica f. albiflora f. n., and Cirsium appendiculatum f. albiflorum f. n. New localities are reported for a series of rare Bulgarian plants.
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TRINAJSTIC I. (1992): Salici-Myricarietum MOOR 1958 (Salicion eleagni) in the vegetation of Croatia. – Thaiszia 2: 67-74. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: The paper is concerned with spreading of Myricaria germanica (L.) DESV. in the southwestern part of its distribution range, as well as the vegetation of river gravel banks belonging to the ass. Salici-Myricarietum MOOR 1958 in Northwestern Croatia. An analysis of the floristic composition of Salici-Myricarietum is provided and the succession of the vegetation on the dunes of the Drava River in the region of Varaldin in Northwestern Croatia is shown.
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MÁRTONFI P. (1992): Essential oil content in Thymus alpestris in Slovakia. – Thaiszia 2: 75-78. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: The variability of essential oil of T. alpestris was studied by gas chromatography in samples from Slovakia. Prevailingly, monoterpenes of the phenol biosynthetic pathway were present (which is frequent in other species as well). The material studied can be divided into two groups according to their main component: thymol-type (T) and carvacrol-type (C). Mean content of five essential oil components in chemotypes is as follows: g-terpinene (T: 7.9%; C: 7.3%); p-cymene (T: 8.8%, C: 6.6%); b-caryophyllene (T: 10.5%; C: 8.6%); thymol (T: 41.0%; C: 2.4%); carvacrol (T: 3.6%; C: 47.0%).
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HRABOVEC I. (1992): A trio of the oldest botanists of East Slovakia. – Thaiszia 2: 79-82. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: LUKÁS PEECHI, born before 1548 in Pečovská Nová Ves (Prešov county) was the author of the first comprehensive work on plants published in Hungary of the past. ANDREJ JASLINSKÝ (born 1715 in Snina, Humenné county) was a Trnava University professor, his textbook of physics had given attention to flora as well. ZIGMUND HORVÁTOVSKÝ (born 1746 in Bardejov) was one of the first graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of Trnava University, his PhD. thesis had pertained to the local flora of Slovakia.
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TERPÓ A. (1992): LAJOS THAISZ – a practical-minded botanist. – Thaiszia 2: 83-86. – ISSN 1210-0420.
ABSTRACT: Practical activities of L. THAISZ, concentrated on grassing and pasture land improvement are given in the paper.
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