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The University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice offers studies at its five faculties and the Institute of Physical Education and Sport. The most modern laboratories and renovated barrier-free spaces of the university campus, located in the historical centre of Košice, are additional benefits for all our students. Whether you see your future in a lawyer’s gown, a doctor’s white coat, in a science lab, with a whistle on the playground, or are drawn to the world of philosophy or public administration, the path to your dream career leads through the gates of the second oldest classical university in Slovakia.

What’s next when the lectures and seminars are over? The city of Košice will captivate you with its metropolitan atmosphere and temperament, which you need to experience first-hand and preferably as a student. Cafés, concerts, theatres, film festivals, good food and wine… if you get tired of it all, you can recharge your batteries in the beautiful countryside nearby or in our own Botanical Garden.

True university life can only be experienced on campus, where lifelong friendships are made. From our student residences, it’s a short walk to school. We’re constantly upgrading them to 21st century standards.
The dormitories at Medická 4 and 6 (from 47 euros/month) are equipped with a canteen, cafeteria, common rooms and sports fields on the premises. The student dormitory at Popradská 66 (from 44 euros/month) mostly accommodates students of the Faculty of Public Administration, and foreign students can find their home at Popradská 76. For first year students we have accommodation in contract accommodation:

  • MEI Hostel, Kysucká 16 (from 74 eur/month)
  • Business Centre Pražská 2 (from 78 eur/month)
  • ŠD TUKE, Jedlíková (from 63 eur/month)

Our canteens keep up with the times and, in addition to traditional dishes, also prepare healthy vegetarian and vegan meals. To make sure you have it as close as possible to a cup of coffee and a snack during breaks, we have the Minerva café, which among other things provides space for student club activities, openings or meetings.

More information HERE

UPJŠ in Košice is known for its international environment. Prepare not only to meet classmates from all over the world, but we will also support you in travelling and getting to know foreign countries. Programmes such as Erasmus+, the National Scholarship Programme (SAIA), DAAD scholarships and grants to Germany, the Austria-Slovakia Action, CEEPUS, the International Visegrad Fund and a number of international agreements will open the door to new opportunities and experiences that will look great on your CV.

More information HERE

At UPJŠ in Košice we know that student life costs more than just time. We have scholarships for our students to support their development.

  • Social scholarship

You can apply for a social scholarship even in your first year of study if you are a permanent resident in Slovakia. The basic prerequisite is that you meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education. It is paid every month during the academic year.

  • Motivational Scholarship

You can also get it in your first year and it is awarded to students in selected disciplines, which are determined by the Ministry of Education on the basis of academic performance.

  • Excellence Scholarship

Awarded to students from their second year of study on the basis of academic performance. More info HERE.

  • Constitutional scholarship

Awarded to talented students who have won an award in a subject competition or other competition during secondary school.

UPJŠ offers you access to the University Library! Take advantage of the facilities of all its workplaces, which you will find at each faculty. If you like to study in silence and without distractions, do not hesitate to visit the study rooms and their quiet zones.

Our library has long been more than just a place to check out a book and return it later. Here you can spend your time not only studying but also during your free time.

Our service offer is extensive:

  • loans of monographs, study and specialist literature
  • Virtual reading room – digitized books available within the MediaInfo service
  • printing, copying and scanning of documents from the UK collection
  • access to public internet and wifi
  • access to electronic documents
  • consultation and reference services

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