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Board for Internal Quality Verification UPJŠ

2minút, 18sekúnd

The Board is an advisory body to the Rector of UPJŠ, whose activities are focused on the support and development of the internal system of ensuring and verifying the quality of education, quality of research, development, artistic or other creative activity and quality of support activities of the university.

Members of the Board are appointed and removed by the Rector, while taking into account the proportional representation of the major fields of science, art and education at the university.

Five members of the Board are nominated by the Faculty Deans and four by the UPJŠ Academic Senate. At least two Board members are students and, at least one Board member has to be the representative of the external environment.

The competence of the Board for Internal Quality Verification UPJŠ (BIV UPJŠ) is defined by its Statute.

The rules and requirements of the meeting are regulated by the Rules of Procedure.

Schedule of meetings of the BIV UPJŠ in 2022
Minutes of the BIV UPJŠ meetings

List of BIV UPJŠ members

Name and SurnamePlace of operationContact
Chairpersonprof. Ing. Mária Mareková, CSc.Faculty of
Vice-Chairpersonprof. Mgr. Jaroslav Hofierka, PhD.Faculty of
RNDr. Andrej Mirossay, PhD.Faculty of MedicineMedical and scientific
doc. MUDr. Radoslav Morochovič, PhD.Faculty of MedicineMedical and scientific
MDDr. Jakub JánošíkFaculty of MedicineMedical and scientific
prof. RNDr. Ľubomír Kováč, CSc.Faculty of ScienceMedical and scientific SP –
prof. JUDr Gabriela Dobrovičová, CSc.Faculty of LawSocial sciences and humanities
doc. JUDr. Jana Žuľová, PhD.Faculty of LawSocial sciences and humanities
doc. Mgr. Iveta Jeleňová, PhD.Faculty of Public AdministrationSocial sciences and humanities
doc. RNDr. Zuzana Ješková, PhD.Faculty of ScienceInterdisciplinary, combined and joint study
prof. PhDr. Ján Gbúr, CSc.Faculty of ArtsInterdisciplinary, combined and joint study
doc. PhDr. Beata Gajdošová, PhD.Faculty of ArtsInterdisciplinary, combined and joint study programmes –
Miriama HučkováExecutive Director
IT Valley
Veronika Miškech FričováProgramme Director
Karpatská nadácia
Mgr. Matúš RidzoňStudent, Faculty of Law
Martin DuránikStudent, Faculty of

Support activities for the proper implementation of the agenda of the BIV UPJŠ are provided by the Office for the Management of the Internal Quality System, which is an advisory unit of the UPJŠ Rectorate. In case of any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact the Office by email at

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